PortOne Global - Services Description

Effective: February 2024
This PortOne Services Description describes the Services that may have been ordered on an Order Form, or provided by PortOne. Capitalised terms not defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms of Services (“TOS”) or any other services agreements for the provision of the Services, if any and as applicable.
Reference to “Client” herein will be a referent to “You” and “Your” as that term is defined in the TOS.
a. API Integration for Payment Receipt Services: an application programming interface (“API”) formulated and owned by PortOne, constituting software which allows Client to connect its system with banks, Payment Gateway or Payment Service Providers providing multiple payment methods such as credit card, debit card, bank digital wallets, mobile payment options or bank transfers via a single integration solution in order to enable Clients to receive or accept the payment from its customers or end-users though the use of the Services
Admin Dashboard: an electronic information management tool owned and established by PortOne providing a single point access to Client that visually tracks, displays, and stores metrics and data pertaining to transaction and its records
Checkout Service: a customizable checkout user interface that allows Client to deliver better user experience and conversion
Reconciliation Services: a solution enabling reconciliation of payments received via respective payment methods versus the actual value of goods or service delivered, which include services as the following:
Reconciliation dashboard development: develop and deploy a robust and user-friendly reconciliation dashboard tailored specifically for B2B clients, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and data sources
Customization and configuration: customise the reconciliation dashboard to align with the specific needs and requirements of each B2B client, allowing for flexible configuration of reconciliation rules, formats, and reporting templates
Data integration: integrates with various data sources, including ERP systems, payment gateways, and financial institutions, to gather transactional data from comprehensive reconciliation analysis
Automated reconciliation workflows: implement automated reconciliation workflows within the dashboard, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to match and reconcile transaction efficiently, reducing manual efforts and errors
Actionable insights and reporting: provide advanced data analytics and reporting capabilities within the dashboard, offering merchants valuable insights into financial trends and discrepancies
Subscription Service: management service which enables Client to create and manage subscription plans for their customers with recurring transactions
PayOut Service: a solution designed to facilitate and manage the disbursement or outgoing of payments for Client by offering multiple payout methods in multiple countries with local currencies for businesses, organizations, and individuals to their customers, employees, suppliers, or contractors.
Invoice Generation Service: a payment-linked solution designed to facilitate efficient invoicing processes such as creating standardised invoices, efficient tracking, timely reminders, seamless payment options, scalability, and provide customizable features such as QR-linked checkout as well as the additional features including an invoices table, invoice creation form, invoice details screen, and various status-related actions.
Payment Link Generation Service: a no-code solution offering functionality to create payment links to accept payments. Features of such Service include: sending email and/or SMS with payment link, schedule send, setting up reminder, generating QR, adding notes.
Payment Page Generation Service: a no-code solution offering functionality to create hosted payment pages linked with associated payment links. Features of such Service include: brand-customisable content, custom form fields to collect information from customers of the Client, details screen with customer transactions
Dynamic Currency Checkout Service: a checkout solution that enables Client to offer local currency to their customers, with dynamic currency conversion. Features of such Service include: forex rate tracking, API support, refund support.